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robin dini

We may choose the paths that we want to explore in life, but it is our family and friends who support us as we make the journey through life's many ups and downs. Families are bound together by the stories and memories of our past. A wedding day is the celebration of families joining together as the couple unites to start a new chapter in their life's story. My husband and I cherish the memories we share from our wedding day and after tying the knot, my love for wedding documentation grew.

With the birth of our first child in 09.09.09, I have a new perspective and stronger appreciation for sharing the emotions of the milestones that occur in couples' lives. The images we take today will tell our story for many years to come. What an awesome responsibility that is! Through my photography, I want to document your family's history. Capture the moments, the stories, the memories to share with your children and grandchildren for years to come.

My professional career started at Southern Connecticut State University. I studied photography and teaching and started my wedding photography business in 2001. I have continued my career training at various workshops and seminars as well as graduate school. Ultimately, my life's career is that of helping people. I do this through my volunteer work, my photography services, and by nurturing and caring for others. Meeting new people everyday is very gratifying and working with couples to capture their wedding history is an awesome responsibility.

I have enjoyed the benefits of membership in professional organizations, and have networked with fantastic photographers in my area. As the holder of an exclusive membership with WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association), I continually advance my knowledge and skills in the art of photography and expressive storytelling.