Time Management + Productivity Tips

Shout out to Aby Garvey! She’s a professional organizer (my dream job) and has great tips for tackling the, sometimes overwhelming, tasks and ideas we all juggle in busy lives and careers. I stopped by her website today to find inspiration and guidance for my time management problem and was so happy to find this article: Time Management + Productivity Tips.

Check out the topics she covers in this short & sweet article. Here are a few excerpts:

* start with your highest priority task first

* what are you saying “no” to?:
know when you say “yes,” you’re ultimately saying “no” to something else. Choose your yeses and no’s wisely and you’ll create a life you love!

* strive for balance in your life … over time:
the most important thing with time management is knowing how much you can handle effectively and most importantly—happily—and then designing your life around your capacity. Say “no” to less important things in favor of your priorities.

* beware of the buffet syndrome of life:
the more passionate you are about what you do, the harder it is to take life in reasonable portions. When you love what you do … it’s like going through a buffet line. SEE THE ARTICLE FOR MORE!!!!

* check your calendar first!:
instead of starting your day with email, start with your calendar and to-do list. What’s on the radar screen today? What must be handled today?

* time yourself MY FAVORITE TIP!
Is there a task lingering on your to-do list simply because you don’t like to do it? Often, the things that linger on my to-do list take less than five minutes to do even though in my mind they seem like they’ll take a whole lot longer. Time your pesky to-dos and then, next time, you’ll be more likely to jump in and tackle them instead of letting them linger.

* know the difference between urgent and important
What urgent task can you delay today in favor of something important?

* “procrastination is fear”
Do you procrastinate? If so, try this next time. Pull out a piece of paper and at the top write “What am I afraid of?” Then, write and write until you figure out WHY you’re procrastinating. What is it that’s holding you back? And most importantly, what positive steps can you take to move forward in spite of your fear? It worked for me … give it a try!

* minimize electronic reminders
Interruptions are terribly disruptive to your productivity … and these dinging reminders are just one more source of interruption.

* create an incubator
The key is this: capture the idea and get back to your originally scheduled program. When you wrap up a project, go to your incubator, pick the best idea, and get started!

* spark creativity with a change of pace
Give yourself permission to go outside and soak in the delights of a beautiful day each and every day.

* stop sharing!
stop sharing low cost tools you use in multiple rooms in your home. It’s a small investment that will save you much time and frustration when you just want to make a little cut or do a little taping.

AWESOME! I already found a little “incubator” for my desk. Target has that amazing $1 bin when you walk into the store. Last night I picked up four little tin pails and a package of funky metal gift tags ($1!!!). I’m going to keep an “incubator” in the living room, on my desk, next to my bed and next to my coffee pot! 🙂

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