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Birthday parties as a child hold some of my most treasured memories growing up.  It wasn’t about the gifts (well…not always) but more about the gathering of family and friends.  The banter, the silliness, the stories, the games, the food.  Birthday parties were an event to remember and look forward to.  The images from my first birthday party make me nostalgic for the classic kodak film camera, courduroy overalls, homemade Snoopy shaped birthday cake, and poorly cut bob-hairdo.  We rocked our style back in the day.

Party planning in general has changed drastically since yesteryear.  Kids’ birthday parties are straight-up events now!  I’m old school when it comes to my kids parties.  I like to go with the classic decor like streamers, paper chains, and little goodie bags.  Here’s some of my favorite DIY ideas.  My motto is if you are going to take the time to make something from scratch, do it right and make it last so you can use it for years to come or at least be able to enjoy it in your home for more than a few days.  Such as these great garlands:


String, a stapler, and construction paper make this garland.  When we created a similar design, we traced cups and cut them out by hand.


Folded paper with that great rainbow theme!


Small gathering at home with a few friends?  This is a great idea for the older kiddos.  White craft paper on the table, wrapping paper as the runner, hang balloons from the ceiling.  Colorful and cute.  You can’t go wrong with the rainbow color theme.


A tablecloth you can use each year!  My mom made buntings similar to these for our birthday parties.  Instead of a tablecloth, we have banners that we hang up year after year.


I love doing a number candle each year but this is a great idea too if you can find the number shape cookie cutters.


Party hats are awesome!


Streamers in the doorway, awesome!  I go for the crepe paper but if you’ve got the time and money to do the ribbon, go for it.abacd542f7f8482619f6808d84099d0a

This year, we’re doing Sam’s party in a star and kite them because he loves the sky.  Simple construction paper and string.  We’ll make a whole bunch and hang them from the ceiling.  When the parties over, we’ll add them to their bedroom decor.



You just can’t go wrong with paper chains!


Boys and their trucks.  Great way to serve food 🙂


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