Page 22! My lucky number…

I was born on March 22nd so the number 22 has always been symbolic for me. I was just poking around on Asuka Book because I’m getting ready to design a book from our wedding in 2005. I hadn’t really checked out the site in a while but I get their emails all the time and read those. I knew that my dear friend Ms. 10ike was featured this month (hi-five sister!) and I popped into the gallery to see if her book was featured in there…and alas, it was. Excited! The cool thing about Asuka is when they feature a book, they let you look through every page online so you can “virtually” flip through it. Pretty cool. I’m checking it out and totally digging it when…PAGE 22 comes ’round….and it’s me! Rock on!

Thanks again Carla! That was an awesome project to be a part of and you did an amazing job. I got totally wrapped up in the book and reading everyone’s answers. The last three pages were the most touching. Such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman. I’ve never met your mom, but I totally feel like I have 🙂 Let me know how I can buy one of those books! Totally needs to be living on my coffee table to get some page traffic. 🙂

Carla Ten Eyck - >Wow, I had no idea that 22 was your number girl! How cool is that???

Rnormfoto - >BUY one fast and then play Lotto!!!!!

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