girls’ night out!

I had the pleasure of hangin’ out with a few of my lady friends last night. We enjoyed a two hour meal at Ruby Tuesday’s, followed by quick drive through the ghetto (ha ha Carla….see her blog for a better description of the drive), and then a illuminating photo shoot at Hubbard Park. 🙂

Many silly moments with Eileen, Julia, and Carla. Too many for me to list….so here are some of my favs from our playtime. More “storytelling” images soon 😉

Thanks for the fun and laughter girls!

It’s amazing what you can do with a huge Christmas train 🙂
Ms. Eileen is just so stunning.  I LOVE the colors in this.  Girl knows how to rock the red and white!

I love making Carla laugh 🙂
We took turns modeling for each other, but by the end it was an all-out-shoot-out!  

Oh Miss Julia!  You have the worlds warmest laugh and smile.  I LOVE shooting you!

Val McCormick Photography - >I am always late! What great fun with a bunch of awesome chicas! That is so funny (Karen) Love to see all your great smiles. It’s contagious 🙂

Rnormfoto - >ya’all look like your playing in some big, illuminated jungle gym!

E. Broderick Photography - >Aaah….it is all making sense to me now. I had no idea why you called me Karen on Facebook!! I was at my mom’s when I commented–I didn’t even realize I was logged in as her. Oy.

The laughing never stops…

Eric Foley - >OK, I guess we are going to have a guys shoot night! You gals are always having fun 🙂

Salty Grapes Photography - >OMG, Karen! So funny!!! =)

Or was there someone hiding out eavesdropping in your jam packed truck, Robin? Did the shady car smasher hitch a ride?!

Andi Walpurgis - >The images are great…love the expressions on everyones’ faces…looks like you guys were having a blast…

carla ten eyck - >who the hell is Karen???? LMAO!! Is that EIleen totally just logged into someone else’s blogger?? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

SO much fun girls!!

Karen - >So many laughs my cheeks hurt! Great shots.


David Apuzzo, Photography - >Great Shots. So Bright.

Katie Slater - >Aww, so cute! Looks like you guys had fun! Love to see your smiling faces. 🙂

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