Blizzard 2013: Sunday

We’re getting cabin fever here after the big Connecticut Blizzard.  Being stuck at home is usually very fun for me because I can think of all sorts of things I’d love to do like finish projects, start new ones, do some fun crafts with the kids, built forts, sit around and snuggle while watching movies and enjoying home cooking.  But once you’ve done them all, then what!?  Two toddlers stuck at home for four days is exhausting.  At least for the first three days we were able to get outside and enjoy the snow.  Today, we were given the blessing of a bulldozer coming to clear out our parking lot and that entertained the boys for a good hour.  Thank you!!  Boys and their toys.

Enjoy my collection of images from my walk around town Sunday.  I was amazed by how many roads were left unplowed, how many cars were still buried, and how a liquor store was able to get plowed but the road next to it was left untouched.  The quote on the church sign was my favorite part of the walk though.  Kind of ironic and funny at the same time.  “Each day is a gift from God.  Have you thanked him lately?”


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